The Delphic Quorum

“The Delphic Quorum are what you hear playing in your head as you wander unknown lands, hunting for the bones of creatures yet to be seen by human eyes. As madness begins to take over your mind, you are cuddled with a wondrous horror and fall into a welcoming bed of insanity. The Utah County natives display the joys of terror and all things strange and bizarre on a platform of sound and composition that calls upon everything from the tribal rhythms, melodies and instruments of several folk styles, the strangeness of avant-garde, and the filth of extreme metal. There is a certain genre of goosebump my flesh reserves for experiencing The Quorum live, and their most recent lineup brings a level of heaviness that is absent in my experience of non electric based music. The Delphic Quorum!.”
-A.K. Johnson

Carnival Asylum (Remixed and Remastered)    digital single    EGR#13    Released 08/04/2014

Originally released in 2012 as the download accompanied with Issue #2 of Escpaegoat’s ‘Zine; Source, Carnival Asylum has been remixed and remastered by Bryan Lee (Visitors, Sure Sign Of The Nail, Scalps, Die Off) and presented for high quality digital download at

Glen Goss (Devil’s Cuntry, The Stillborn King, Water’s Rising) – acoustic bass
Adam Bean trombone
Matt Gholdston djembe
Angela Moore (The Troubles) – violin
Sean “Cherub” Romero Washboard, Spoons, Jaw Harp

Produced by The Delphic Quorum

Mixed & Mastered by Bryan Lee (Visitors, Scalps, Sure Sign Of The Nail, Die Off)

Artwork by Glen Goss

Dreggs Records: